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Welcome Reception - Wednesday 17th August


ECMP 2022 will kick off with a Welcome Reception in our Congress Venue - St. Patrick's Campus DCU. As it will have been 4 years since the last in person ECMP, it will be a very special occasion indeed as we welcome old and new friends to our Congress in Dublin. 

Further details regarding the Welcome Reception will be shared with all attendees in advance of the Congress. 

Eurofission Social Night - Wednesday 17th August
(not included in Congress Registration)


Local physicists have planned a "Eurofission" song contest to take place in a famous Irish rock venue Whelans of Wexford Street on August 17th 2022. 

The idea is that a musical entity from each NMO would either play a medical physics themed song or something from their country that would appeal to the congress audience. 

The prize for best entry is free registration to the next congress ECMP 2024. 


In order to get a flavour and ensure that the audience  are entertained we ask you to fill out an application form, describing your act and requirements and also upload a  a link to a video of your song .  

Gaelic Games Experience - Thursday 18th August
(not included in Congress Registration)

Experience Gaelic Games is all about having fun while immersing yourself in the very essence of Irish life and culture. In Ireland our Gaelic Games, much like our music and dance, are part of who we are and what we do. At Experience Gaelic Games we give you the opportunity to come and experience this unique aspect of Ireland for yourself. This is one of the best things to do in Ireland.


Learn the ancient art of our stick and ball game “Hurling” – the oldest, yet fastest field sport in the world. Play and learn about the most popular sport in Ireland, Gaelic Football. This is soccer, rugby, basketball and more all rolled into one.


The experience is brought alive by a wonderful team of passionate coaches. We will teach you the games, coach and instruct you in the skills, then have you playing mini-matches, taking part in team building activities or if you prefer you can sit back and watch whilst we organise a demonstration of how it is all done! For visitors – of all the things to do in Ireland – this is one not to be missed.

Musical Physics 3.0, Ehsan Samei, Bryan Mullan, Katerina Speranskaya - Friday 19th August
(not included in Congress Registration)

This noon concert includes a collection of duos and trios of Flute, Piano, and Cello by Bach, Brahms, Piazzolla.

Ehsan Samei is an imaging scientist, medical physicist, and Reed and Martha Rice Distinguished Professor of Radiology at Duke University. Prior to his career in medical physics, he was a professionally-trained classical musician. He performed widely in underground concerts in Tehran, where he premiered works of contemporary Persian composers, Mehran Rouhani, Shaheen Farhat, and Shahrokh Khahjenouri. He founded Nyquist Music in 2007, and seeks to foster community around the pursuit of truth and beauty in art and science. Nyquist Music is named after the Nyquist theorem (of Swedish engineer Henry Nyquist), which serves as a metaphor for the pursuit of excellence in the face of the scientific and artistic limitations that keep us from capturing the ideal.

Bryan Mullen has been performing as a pianist for the last 15 years. He is known for performing with various musical theatre, choral, and vintage productions and has worked in both Europe and the USA as an accompanist and music director. Bryan specialises in music and theatre technology, and is currently completing a HDip in Computing & Software Development.

Katerina Speranskaya is a pianist and cellist, drawn to all things musical with a special interest in piano accompaniment. She holds a Masters Degree in Piano Accompaniment from TUD, and has performed across the country accompanying various music festivals and operas. She has performed for President Michael D. Higgins and has been the assistant accompanist for the International Conductors School in Limerick, amongst other work. She has won prizes at numerous national competitions, including Feis Ceoil. 

Conference Social Evening - Friday 19th August
Croke Park Stadium
(not included in Congress Registration)

Our vision for The Conference Social Evening is to offer attendees a unique and truly authentic Irish experience. When reviewing potential venues for this evening, we felt no venue would encapsulate this vision more than Croke Park.

For over 100 years, Croke Park has been the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Our national games of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie are played in this iconic 82,000 seater stadium throughout the year. There are a limited number of stadiums in the world that can match this capacity but what makes Croke Park unique is that it is the home of our national games, games played in front of 82,000 passionate fans, not by highly paid professional athletes, but by amateurs, participating for the love of the game, for their families, their communities and their counties.

With over 2,500 clubs all around Ireland and the world, the GAA is a beacon for bringing people together. No other movement quite captures the spirit of Ireland like the GAA and no other venue can showcase this quite as much as Croke Park. This truly unique venue will add great meaning and significance to the Conference Social Evening where we hope to be that beacon for bringing our community together in Dublin.

The GAA Museum is one of Ireland’s leading tourist attractions and we have included a complimentary tour of the museum for all attendees. Equally, for delegates arriving early for the Congress, there may be an opportunity to attend a game (depending on the fixture schedule) in the days leading up to the Congress. It would be an experience not to be missed!

Last few tickets remaining - €100

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