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Preliminary Programme - Click here to download Preliminary Programme

Wednesday 17th August 2022


EFOMP School for Medical Physics Experts (ESMPE) editions   

       Topics of the ESMPE include: (click each to see flyer)


Thursday 18th August 2022

Friday 19th August 2022

  • Scientific Sessions and more, as listed below

  • Refresher Courses 

  • Social: Conference Dinner, Croke Park

Saturday 20th  August 2022

  • Scientific sessions and more, as listed below

  • Refresher Courses 

  • EFOMP Annual Council Meeting

Scientific Sessions and More



        Nuclear Medicine

  • Radiotherapy Scientific Sessions

  • Nuclear Medicine Scientific Sessions

  • Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Scientific sessions

  • Artificial Intelligence Scientific Sessions  

  • Emerging themes in Medical Physics Sessions

  • Industry/ Vendor Guru Lunchtime Symposia

  • Joint Organisations Sessions

  • Special Focus Sessions

  • Poster Sessions

  • Software Phantom Fair

  • Vendor Exhibition

Flyer Downloads for Further Information