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Early Careers

The Early Careers Section at ECMP 2022 will run a mixture of short, interactive, formal and informal sessions throughout each of the three days of the congress. Although the topics are directed towards physicists who are early in their careers, all congress attendees are welcome to join. The current topics list of sessions and topics include the following, although additional sessions may be added at a later date;


Roadmap of the Congress

We will split key events out for those interested in Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging and Research and highlight hot topics and sessions that would be particularly beneficial for the “young people” to attend.


Opportunities in Medical Physics – Research

A discussion on how to get involved in Medical Physics research and the opportunities for collaborations across research groups.


First Day of Congress – Recap & Discussion

First impressions of the congress. Recommendations for socialising in Dublin –practical points and suggestions.


Mobility in Medical Physics in the European Union

Want to move in a Medical Physics role from one country to another within the EU? What are the differences in terms of qualifications and barriers to entry from country to country.


Road to Medical Physics Expert

What are the requirements for becoming a Medical Physics Expert in Radiotherapy and Diagnostic Imaging. Tips and suggestions from those who have completed the process. Suggestions for career progression in clinical Medical Physics.


Practical Workshop

How to format and write your first; CV, Research Paper, Oral Presentation or Poster.


Close of Congress

Suggestions for the future of this section at the ECMP.

Suggestions for the future of Early Careers / Young People in EFOMP.

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