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DIY-Fair Abstract Submission

Key Dates

  • Pre-registration for fair closes: 30th April 2022

  • Submission of fair videos opens: 1st April 2022

  • Submission of fair videos closes: 15th June 2022

  • Submission acceptance notification: 23rd June 2022



The do-it-yourself -fair provides a new platform for the participants of ECMP to showcase ones do-it-yourself -solutions in medical physics. These include eg. phantoms, software, open source solutions, hacks, 3-D printed solutions and ways of automating tasks. The fair offers visibility to solutions in the creative medical physics community, facilitates networking and helps share witty solutions to the many needs.


The DIY-fair in nutshell:

1.    Pre-registration with 400 word synopsis of the solution/contribution
2.    Submit a pre-recorded presentation/demonstration on your contribution. Format of the presentation is free. Maximum length of recording is 5 minutes. 
3.    Vetted presentations available in an online repository for ECMP 2022 meeting. Videos are available for all attendees.
4.    For on-site participants of ECMP 2022, a “fair session” is arranged where physically attending participants will give hands-on demonstrations on submissions.

We also welcome submissions that have previously published or presented elsewhere

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